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Who said bowling was for 'The Old.' Someone should have told the 'Scotland under 25's team' that visited Collingwood during 2017. A great social day, with friendly competition from a talented team of young bowlers.


Collingwood Bowling Club - Bowling Since 1902

Bowling has come a long way since 1588 when Sir Francis Drake was informed of the approaching Spanish Armada whilst playing bowls on Plymouth Hoe.  It is said, on being warned of the approach of the Spanish fleet, Drake remarked that there was plenty of time to finish the game and still beat the Spaniards.  Whether fact or fiction, who knows?

One thing is certain, when taking up the game of bowls for the first time, it can be totally absorbing, as many of our new members will testify to. The club has attracted many new members during 2017 consisting of people who are bowling for the very first time.

   Collingwood Bowling Club’s mission and indeed its ethos is to bring the community into bowling whilst providing a social, supportive and friendly environment. 

   As a registered charity we could not exist without the generous support of our many sponsors and to the club’s benefit, our Publicity & Development Officer Alan Hall works tirelessly to maintain these much beneficial relationships.   Alan’s relationships have also allowed us to host friendly matches with our sponsors, notably a successful event with VODA (Voluntary Organisation Development Agency) which was a super day for all involved.

   In Alan’s words: “We are extremely grateful to VODA for all of the advice and support we have received. Arranging the bowling match was just our way of saying thank you”  “We also hosted an afternoon for 71 pupils from Norham High School – not many Old Folks amongst them – many of whom looked like future bowlers. Photos of the event can be seen on the Norham High School web site (gallery)”  These are only two of the many friendly events held at the club and many more are planned for the coming out-door season.

   Nevertheless, Collingwood is also a club filled with top class seasoned bowlers, many at County level and the club is always keen to take on other bowling clubs within the leagues in which we play in. Our internal club competitions are also well contested by members at all levels and as our 2017 Champions table shows, those seasoned players have to keep looking over their shoulders for the up and coming novices and new members.                                    

   Whilst seasoned member Dennis Wrighte won our Bob Miller Trophy, George Jobe won our Championship trophy in only his third season at the club.  Many of our trophy winners had to beat 14-year-old Callum Elliott a talented young football goalkeeper – where will he end up – as England’s goalkeeper or as Collingwood’s international bowler?

   Callum had to get past our chairman Michael Wilson ‘Mr Bowls’ himself. Michael is one of the longest playing, best known and well respected bowlers in the region, his enthusiasm for the game still undiminished. Spend 10 minutes with Michael talking bowls and we will have a member. 

So, if you wish to get involved in a skillful, exciting sport – yes bowls is – come along to one of our sessions on a Saturday morning from 10.00am – 12.00pm, have a go, we can supply the equipment and coaching and you may get lucky and have one of Millie Casson’s bacon sandwiches.

Contact Collingwood Bowling Club through our web site or contact Fabian Scott  07534 905352



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